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Unsexed Red Diamond Manferno RAPTOR (Snake Eyes) [looking female]

Unsexed Red Diamond Manferno RAPTOR (Snake Eyes) [looking female]

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Morph: Unsexed Red Diamond Manferno RAPTOR [looking female]
ID: 829
Sex: Male
Age: Juvenile
Price: $79.99
DOB: 3/1/24
Weight: 15g

A line developed out of Italy, emphasizes higher white pattern in tangerine Tremper albinos. Surely a must have for any tangerine project!

Mandarin and Inferno are two of the best lines of tangerines to bring out the best quality oranges and greens you can hope for in the leopard gecko hobby. You can't go wrong adding these lines to your tangerine project or just having one for a new pet friend! :D

RAPTOR is combination that goes way back to the origins of our hobby and is Tremper Albino mixed with Eclipse. Characteristics of this combo tend to produce lighter and brighter animals with ruby red eclipse eyes. It is a combo that will never get old and can be incorporated into many other projects :)


All genetics are listed in the title & we can provide a deeper history of our collection and pairings should you desire! =D

We only work with the best and healthiest animals to pass on to you!

We do guarantee live arrival and health of our animals up to 30 days!


Our Leopard Geckos main diet consists of 1" Large Mealworms from Rainbow Mealworms.

We use Osteo Form and Vionate supplements in a 1:3 ratio to ensure the best nutrition for our geckos. These both can be purchased on Amazon

We have videos on YouTube demonstrating how we mix the supplements and prepare the food! =)


We understand shipping can be a stressful process for all.

For this reason, we make sure to stay in high communication with you leading up to the shipment, before, during, and after the shipment, to make sure you are fully prepared and ready to rock and roll with your new gecko! =D

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