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Female Super Giant Blood Emerine (pet short torso)

Female Super Giant Blood Emerine (pet short torso)

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ID: 900
Age: Sub Adult
DOB: 6/5/24
Weight: 40g

Giant & Super Giant lines are currently highly debated in the hobby with many arguing over whether they are recessive, line bred, or an incomplete dominant style gene. We will label our bloodlines as the source they come from states which is an incomplete dominant gene.

As such all offspring that come from a "super giant" paired to a normal will be called "giants" to signify a single copy of the gene (should it truly be proven to be incomplete dominant).

We cannot guarantee the size of your animal as many giants and super giants appear to grow to be only normal sized leopard geckos.

It is in our experience the males tend to be bigger than average sized males when the stars align and you actually get one to express this genetic trait.

Females "tend" to be more normal sized with the exception of a larger than average one from time to time.

The Norman Davis Legacy Line is an opportunity for us to keep our good friend and leopard gecko companion Mr. Norman Davis's line of leopard geckos alive! If you did not know Norman Davis moved on to Heaven this year 2023. You can actually get to see his one and only leopard gecko livestream on our 100k giveaway episode on youtube! We have over 130 geckos from Mr. Norman Davis, some of which we are keeping to breed such as super giants, red diamonds, black nights, wild-types, and more! Other geckos we will start to market and sell with the NDLL attachment (Norman Davis Legacy Line). Follow us on social media to hear updates on this line and our projects revolving around it, and may God keep his memory alive with this devotion we give towards his legacy. <3


All genetics are listed in the title & we can provide a deeper history of our collection and pairings should you desire! =D

We only work with the best and healthiest animals to pass on to you!

We do guarantee live arrival and health of our animals up to 30 days!


Our Leopard Geckos main diet consists of 1" Large Mealworms from Rainbow Mealworms.

We use Osteo Form and Vionate supplements in a 1:3 ratio to ensure the best nutrition for our geckos. These both can be purchased on Amazon

We have videos on YouTube demonstrating how we mix the supplements and prepare the food! =)


We understand shipping can be a stressful process for all.

For this reason, we make sure to stay in high communication with you leading up to the shipment, before, during, and after the shipment, to make sure you are fully prepared and ready to rock and roll with your new gecko! =D

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