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Male Highlighter White & Yellow Hyper Xanthic Bold Turcmenicus Leopard Gecko

Male Highlighter White & Yellow Hyper Xanthic Bold Turcmenicus Leopard Gecko

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Morph: Male Highlighter White & Yellow Hyper Xanthic Bold Turcmenicus Leopard Gecko
ID: 504
Sex: Male
Age: Sub Adult
Price: $99.99
DOB: 9/19/23
Weight: 60g

Our hyper xanthic bold project comes in three main forms, striped, spotted. and jungle. They have been selectively bred over the years to produce the brightest and most vibrant yellows along with deep rich black contrast in both spots and stripes. Most geckos in this lineage will also have tendencies to produce offspring with high emerine and white & yellow mutations! A must have for any high yellow, striped, emerine, or white & yellow project! :D

The Bandit morph is a simple dash or line going from one side across the geckos nose to the other. This can come in varying levels of thickness and length but if you are working with Bandit line animals, you can line breed them with other bandits to produce the desired effect that you like!

Highlighter is an extension of the hyper xanthic bold project where the geckos are super super bright yellow with a clean overall appearance, with no flecking, speckling, fading, or shading, but just pure ultra-bright goodness! :D

Our wild-type morph crosses provide some of the most uniquely colored and patterned leopard geckos on the market. In addition to their unique color and pattern palette they also have a stronger and healthier set of DNA due to the diversity of genetics! A great way to diversify your breeding lines while adding colors and pallets unique to the hobby!


All genetics are listed in the title & we can provide a deeper history of our collection and pairings should you desire! =D

We only work with the best and healthiest animals to pass on to you!

We do guarantee live arrival and health of our animals up to 30 days!


Our Leopard Geckos main diet consists of 1" Large Mealworms from Rainbow Mealworms.

We use Osteo Form and Vionate supplements in a 1:3 ratio to ensure the best nutrition for our geckos. These both can be purchased on Amazon

We have videos on YouTube demonstrating how we mix the supplements and prepare the food! =)


We understand shipping can be a stressful process for all.

For this reason, we make sure to stay in high communication with you leading up to the shipment, before, during, and after the shipment, to make sure you are fully prepared and ready to rock and roll with your new gecko! =D

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